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Dharmapuri earned non secular importance attributable to the existence of the shrine dedicated to Narasimha Swamy, an incarnation of Lord Hindu deity. Lord Hindu deity With Dakshinamurthy, Vinayaka and Sapitha Mathrukas sliced on one block of stone and Mahishasuramardhani, the sixty columned temple, Mahalakshmi temple, Akkapalle Rajanna. associate degree over 5 hundred year previous Sri Sita avatar Hindu temple ar the opposite temples of importance that heighten the holiness of this The Ramalingeswara Temple that is of regarding one thousand years previous, is within the proximity of the Narsimha Swamy Temple. It is said among native inhabitants that the knife symbol put in during this temple was put in by Lord avatar throughout his exile and on thanks to Lanka in search of Sitha Maatha.

Dharmapuri was referred to as thus when King Dharamavarma, (Who was a staunch evotee of Lord Narasimha), it absolutely was best-known earlier as Dhamaraya, Dharmapuram, Dharmmanpuram, Dhammanvuru, Dharmavura and Dharmapuram80. It is famous for temples and artists, placed on the banks of holy stream Godavari. it’s referred to as Dhakshin Kashi. it’s nearly eighty km from the district headquarters81.

The name of this place as Dharmapuri and Dharmapuram within the 2 Sthalapuranas each titled “Dharmapuri Kshetra Mahatyam”, dated 928 A.D82 and 1767 A.D.83 traditionally we discover the name of this place in associate degree inscription of Arikesari-II (930-955 A.D) of Chalukyas of Vemulavada, at Kurikyala of Gangadhara Mandal. This place was called Dhammanvura,84 Dhammampuram85. Further, we have a tendency to see the name of this place as Dharmapuri associate degreed Dharmapura in an inscription of Vikramaditya IV (1076-1126 A.D) of Chalukyas of kalyani on the stone within the Rameswara temple at Dharmapuri. It records the gifts to the Rameswara86.  Malki Singana87 mentioned is that this place as “Dharmapuram” in his Uttara Khanda of Padma Purana (1420 A.D)88. the good Telugu author Bammera Potana (1400-1470 A.D) mentioned this place as Dharmapuri in his Narayana Satakam89.  Again, this place is additionally mentioned by Korai Goparaju (1430-1490 AD) in his Simhasanadwatrinshika90.   This place as “Dharmapuri” was mentioned in “Kalapurnodayam”91 by renewed Telugu author Pingali Surana(1560 AD)92.  Thus, In nineteenth Century Sheshappa (1800 AD)93 wrote a Satakam on Narasimha of Dharmapuri and Narasimhadasu wrote “Rohilala pata” in 185894, during which the sorrows of the victims of Rohillas at Dharmapuri ar delineate. within the trendy amount this place was mentioned in “Dharmanagada Charitra” which is additionally called “Pamupata” by Puri Narayana Raju, whereby the importance of stream Godavari at Dharmapuri is given and mentioning Dharmapuri, a sacred place95.


How To Reach Dharmapuri :

Form City Via Distance (kms)
AdilabadUtnur Birsaipet – Lakshettipet 141 kms
Hyderabad Siddipet – Karimnagar – Jagityal 226 kms
Karimnagar Kondagattu – Jagityal   78 kms
Kamareddy Armur – Metpalli – Jagityal 165 kms
Mancherial Lakshettipet – Gudem Gutta   42 kms
Medak Ramayampet – Kamareddy – Armur – Jagityal 214 kms
Nirmal Mamda – Sathanapalli – Lingapur – Lakshettipet 123 kms
Nizamabad Armur – Metpalli – Jagityal 130 kms
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